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    About Dr. Pamela

    Dr. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine, PsyD., is a Trauma, PTSD & Brain Health Expert & developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy. With over twenty years of working in the helping profession, Dr. Seraphine has established herself as a sought-after therapist, trainer & speaker on applied neuroscience for PTSD & trauma treatment & optimizing brain performance. She uses her strong background in practical neuroscience for high-quality 1-on-1 neuropsychotherapy, brain-based coaching & consulting for workplace mental health worldwide.

    Dr. Pamela is the developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy (NRTT), evidence-informed brain-based psychotherapy for PTSD & interpersonal trauma recovery. Her research merges the brain-mind-body relationship of neural integration with the neurobiological underpinnings of drumming to understand its dynamics and improve holistic and integrative interventions in treating trauma and stress-related issues. Dr. Pamela’s specialty interests include men’s mental health & neuroscience-informed trauma education counseling for Criminal Justice Professionals, First Responders & Military Personnel, and High Achievers.

    Additionally, Dr. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a percussionist/recording artist (Legions Mantra) & and founder of www.21stCenturyDrummer.com. She inspires musicians and non-musicians around the globe toward brain optimization, success, and trauma-informed care.


    Dr. Pamela Seraphine holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology w/Neuropsychology & Traumatology (Magna cum laude), MSc. in Sport/Performance Psychology (Magna cum laude), B.A. in Psychology (Hons), Dip. P.C. (Hons); Certified Complex Trauma Professional; Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional; B.C. Registered Clinical Counselor #19608


    • International Association of Applied Neuroscience
    • American Psychological Association
    • Canadian Psychological Association
    • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

    Dr. Pamela Seraphine