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    Speaking & Consulting

    Dr. Pamela Seraphine is a sought-after professional speaker, trainer, and mental health consultant for workplace psychological health, safety & performance. She offers services based on practical neuroscience for Trauma Recovery, Brain Optimization,  Productivity & Performance, Trauma-Informed Care & Beyond.

    As a speaker, Dr. Pamela uses her passion for neuroscience to help organizations understand how brain-based solutions result in optimized performance, productivity and well-being. The audience members are gifted with tangible ways to increase energy, reduce stress & maximize resilience. 

    As a consultant, Dr. Pamela helps companies and organizations help improve employee satisfaction through trauma-informed care and brain-based solutions.

    If you would like to hire Dr. Pamela for workplace mental health training or speaking engagements reach out to discuss your options.

    Example of speaking topics:

    • Compassion Fatigue: Brain-Based Strategies for Resilience & Recovery
    • Vicarious Trauma: Brain-Based Strategies for Resilience & Recovery
    • Practical Neuroscience for Optimizing Performance
    • Practical Neuroscience for Workplace Burnout
    • Practical Neuroscience for Workplace Mental Health
    • Practical Neuroscience for Workplace Trauma
    • Brain-Based Trauma-Informed Care (Level 1)
    • Brain-Based Trauma-Informed Care (Level 2)

    Contact Dr. Pamela for more information.