• Dr. Pamela Seraphine

    Trauma, PTSD & Brain Health Expert

    Developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy

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    Trauma & PTSD Therapy | North Vancouver

    Dealing with Chronic Anxiety, Depression, Toxic Stress, Burnout, PTSD or Unresolved Trauma? Dr. Pamela Seraphine is here to help! Dr. Pamela’s private practice at Lynn Valley Counselling, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, offers neuropsychotherapy & brain-based trauma therapy services that are unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. As the developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy, Dr. Pamela is a master at helping trauma survivors free themselves from suffering & create the life they want and deserve.


    What Dr. Pamela's clients have to say

    Dr. Seraphine has formulated a remarkable synergy between the age-old joy of drumming and modern neuroscience to create a trauma therapy that is is both unique and effective. Her expertises as a clinical neuropsychotherapist and internationally recognised percussionist and recording artist, has given her the insight and skills to develop such an effective program.
    Matthew Dahlitz, CEO, The Science of Psychotherapy

    Thank you for the incredible help your program gave me! I am really grateful, to a point, I can’t really describe.

    - CAF Military Member

    Dr. Pamela is an extraordinary therapist. Very positive, sequential, & knows how to deal with our “mistakes”turning them into positive results!

    NRTT Client

    Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy has added a new dimension to my life. I can definitely see a difference in myself!

    NRTT Client

    Dr. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a transformational innovator that is preparing us for the 21st century of music entrainment. To be involved with her is to step into your soul and begin a path of discovery.

    Dom Famularo, Drumming's Global Ambassador

    I have just competed my 12-week commitment to this therapy with Dr. Pamela Seraphine, and it was an amazing experience. This has been the most effective treatment for my PTSD symptoms! 

    NRTT Client/Firefighter

    Dr. Seraphine is amazing and keeps her

    presentation at a comfortable level and in terms everyone can understand (and if they

    aren’t she does a great job explaining). I feel empowered and equipped with the tools I

    have been missing in my life to take control and work towards fulfilling my potential.

    Government Employee/ Participant in Vicarious Trauma Workshop

    I’ve found so much more value in this series than I originally expected to. I feel like when I read ‘vicarious trauma,’ I immediately thought that wouldn’t apply to me, but it really applies to everyone.

    Government Employee/ Participant in Vicarious Trauma Workshop

    About Dr. Pamela Seraphine

    Dr. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a Trauma, PTSD & Brain Health Expert. She is the developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy (NRTT), brain-based psychotherapy that merges the neurobiology of trauma, somatic psychology and the science of drumming for trauma recovery.

    Dr. Pamela Seraphine is a sought-after professional speaker & trainer in practical neuroscience for workplace mental health, brain optimization & trauma-informed care & beyond. Dr. Pamela is available for speaking, training & clinical consulting services.