• NeuroPsychotherapy 

     & Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy

    Dr. Pamela Seraphine is the developer of Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy (NRTT), a specialized neurobiologically informed somatic approach for recovery from PTSD and Complex Trauma (C-PTSD). She holds a PsyD. in Psychology w/Neuropsychology and has a private practice at Lynn Valley Counselling, North Vancouver, Canada. She is the founder of 21st Century Drummer Academy/Magazine and drummer/singer-songwriter for the Alt.EDM/Indie-Pop duo, Legions Mantra.

    Dr. Pamela offers NeuroPsychotherapy & Trauma Therapy in-person & on virtual platforms. Dr. Pamela will show you the fastest way to overcome Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress, Disruptive Behaviors, Toxic Relationships, Unresolved Trauma, and more!

    WARNING: Dr. Pamela is not your average therapist. She’s “raw, honest, and unapologetically brilliant!” Contact Dr. Pamela to request an appointment if you’re ready to regain control of your life.

    About Dr. Pamela Seraphine

    Dr. Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is Neuropsychotherapist, Trauma & Brain Health Expert and Musician with an uncanny ability to fuse seemingly unrelated topics into a cohesive, inspirational whole. She is the developer on Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy (NRTT) and has advanced doctoral training and experience in neuropsychotherapy, neurobiology of trauma, applied neuroscience, somatic psychology, clinical psychology, peak performance, brain training, post-traumatic growth and is an established educator, speaker, and published author. 


    Speaking & Training

    Dr. Pamela Seraphine is a sought-after professional speaker & trainer in practical neuroscience for workplace mental health, brain optimization & trauma-informed care & beyond. Dr. Pamela is available for neuroscience-informed speaking engagements, workshops & mental health consulting services.